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You'll get no witty title out of me!

No you won't.

15 July 1986
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I'm 21. I went to Nipissing University last year, and am taking an indefinate break.

I have been away from Lj for a long time. Now, I live more like my Lj friends who were already out of the house or similar. I've just started a retail job. I am still no good at working, playing, socializing, and keeping house, all in the same life, so my web participation hasn't improved much since my leaving school. Many of the things I have aspired to do, like become a decent seamstress, are still on hold.

On Wednesday afternoons, I volunteer for Wynterblue Publishing Canada Inc. Wynterblue is a much-needed Northern Ontario cultural acknowledgement. It's also a non-profit publisher, the first of its kind in Canada. They publish some things in the same way as regular publishers, but let the author have more of the royalties. They also do community projects. FedNor won't fund them, because they don't get it.

I really like books, reading, writing, literary analysis, and all that. I like singing and whimsical percussion (whimsical percusson is turning your stomach or desk into a drum). I like running around in the forest with my clothes on. I am good at walking. I use Ubuntu Linux. I love it.

I don't like normal people.

I am committed to too many online endeavours.

I am a member of Elftown and a staff and mod of Writersco, both with this username.
I'm a member of Elfwood, both in the Wyvern's Library (specifically here) and in their Art Gallery.

I own unlazypoets, but I can't truly say I moderate it. Nothing much is going on there.
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